Webinar conducted on Impact of COVID 19 on Nepalese Economy

A two hour webinar has been conducted on the issue of Impact of COVID-19 on Nepalese Economy on Thursday, 29th Jestha 2077. The chief speaker of the program, Prof. Dr. Pushkar Bajracharya, a senior economist and the ex-member of the national planning commision of Nepal to project how COVID-19 has affected them. In the speech, Dr. Bajracharya made a thorough comparative analysis on different sectors of Nepal like banking, agriculture, finance, stock market, foreign employment, import & export, Nepalese industries, etc of pre, during and post COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 80 participants actively took part in the function including the lecturers from Sarba Mangala Campus Panchkhal, Bagheshwori Campus Bhaktapur, Kabhre Multiple Campus, non-teaching officials and students participants in the function commented that the webinar was very fruitful and knowledge providing. The function was organized by Kabhre Multiple Campus., Kavrepalanchok.