Notice regarding Proposal Defense of Project Work of BICTE 4th & BCA 4th, 6th and 8th Semester

This is a quick reminder that the proposal defense of Project Work for BCA 6th, 8th and BICTE 4th  Semester are scheduled to be held on Sunday, Baisakh 3, 2080 (April 16, 2023) and for BCA 4th Semester on Sunday, Baisakh 10, 2080 (April 23, 2023). The defense will take place in the seminar hall at 7:00 AM. Each team will present their proposal for 10 minutes, followed by a Q & A session.

All the faculties of the Department of Information Technology are requested to attend the defense to evaluate and provide feedback on their proposals. In addition to attending the defense, faculties are requested to review the proposals submitted by students in Microsoft Teams.


-Jagadeep Palanchoke, Head, Department of Information Technology