Master of Business Studies (MBS)


The objective of the MBS programme is to enable the students to work as competent managers and to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management. Upon graduation, a student should be able to function as a manager in business, industry, government and non-government sectors, within and outside the country, in areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management. The MBS programme specifically aims to:

  1. Equip students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management.
  2. Prepare managers in the functional areas of management.
  3. Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspective.
  4. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
  5. Develop research capability in students.
  6. Prepare foundation for advanced studies and research in management.

Developing managerial practice is a central concern of the Faculty of Management (FOM), Tribhuvan University (TU). The emphasis upon practice is reflected in various Master level programs of the FOM. FOM program lays special emphasis on developing graduates managerial and entrepreneurial skills over a solid foundation of theories and techniques. Through this two-year (60) credit hours program students develop their knowledge and management skills on the basis of a good understanding of the economic, social, political milieu both at the national and global levels.



The students applying for admission to MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS programme or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University.

 Subjects offered:

Course Cycle
FIRST SEMESTER 15 Credit Hours
MKT 511 Marketing Management 3 Cr.
ECO 512 Managerial Economics 3 Cr.
MSC 514 Statistical Methods 3 Cr.
MGT 515 Organizational Behavior 3 Cr.
MGT 519 Managerial Communication 3 Cr.
FIN   510 Financial Management 3 Cr.
MGT 513 Human Resource Management 3 Cr.
MSC 516 Production and Operations Management 3 Cr.
ACC 517 Management Accountancy 3 Cr.
MGT 518 Business Environment 3 Cr.
ACC 519 Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control 3 Cr.
MSC 521 Research Methodology 3 Cr.
MGT 522  International Business 3 Cr.
MGT 523 Strategic Management 3 Cr.
MGT 524 Entrepreneurship 3 Cr.
Finance  (Choose Three Subjects Only)
FIN 650 Asset Management 3 Cr.
FIN 651 Capital Structure Management 3 Cr.
FIN 652 Working Capital Management 3 Cr.
FIN 653 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 Cr.
FIN 654 Financial Markets and Institutions 3 Cr.
FIN 655 International Financial Management 3 Cr.
FIN 656 Financial Derivatives and Market 3 Cr.
Marketing  (Choose Three Subjects Only)
MKT 657 Consumer Behavior 3 Cr.
MKT 658 International Marketing 3 Cr.
MKT 659 Brand Management 3 Cr.
MKT 660 Sales Management 3 Cr.
MKT 661 Retail Management 3 Cr.
MKT 663 Services Marketing 3 Cr.
Accountancy  (Choose Three Subjects Only)
ACC 672 Corporate Taxation 3 Cr.
ACC 673 Cost Management 3 Cr.
ACC 674 Contemporary Auditing 3 Cr.
Acc 676 Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting 3 Cr.
ACC 677 Management Control System 3 Cr.

Admission Details:

  1. Students applying for the MBS program must fill in the application blank with all details of their personal information and past academic records. The selection of students shall be based on CMAT. The test shall be based on the GMAT and GRE format. The admission test shall be concentrated on testing verbal and quantitative ability, business and economics, logical reasoning and general awareness. There shall be altogether hundred
    • questions in the CMAT containing 20 questions in each section. Students must secure a minimum of 40 percent in the CMAT in order to qualify for the admission.
  2. Applicant is required to complete the entrance exam (CMAT) application form with photocopy of Transcript and Character Certificates of +2 Level and PP Sized photograph. (Entrance Exam will be take by T.U., so it is compulsory to passed the exam for enrollment)
  3. After completing entrance exam, applicant is required to complete Admission Application Form with following documents:
    1. 2 Copies of PP Sized Photograph
    2. SEE Grade-Sheet
    3. SEE Character Certificate
    4. +2 Transcript
    5. +2 Provisional Certificate
    6. +2 Character Certificate
    7. Bachelor Transcript
    8. Bachelor Character Certificate
    9. Bachelor Provisional Certificate (Bachelor passed from except T.U. Board)
    10. Bachelor Migration Certificate (Bachelor passed from except T.U. Board)
    11. Citizenship Certificate (If available)


This program demands a very high level of commitment from students. Students are required to attend regularly all classes and presentations as required by the course. Students failing to attend 80 % of classes shall not be allowed to appear in the semester-end examinations.

 In-semester Evaluations:

The in-semester (internal) evaluation shall generally have a total weight of 40 percent in each course. Students have to secure at least 50 percent marks in each subject to pass the in-semester exam. The concerned faculty shall be responsible for the continuous in-semester evaluations. The in-semester evaluation shall be based on a student’s performance in class presentations, case analysis, and project assignments, class tests and others as required by the course. A student must secure a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.7 or Grade B minus (B-) in a course in order to be eligible to appear in the semester-end examination of that course. The in-semester evaluations will be based on the following components:

In-semester Evaluation: 40 Marks

  • Pre-board examination = 40%
  • Class-room activities (Class presentations, case analysis, group works etc) = 20%
  • Project Assignments = 30%
  • Class Attendance = 10%

In case a student remains absent in internal examination due to serious illness will given one-time opportunity to appear in the exam if he/she is able to produce an authorized medical certificate. The internal exam notice will be published by the concerned department or campus.

Semester-end Examinations:

The semester-end examinations on course work related subjects shall have a total weight of 60 percent. The semester-end examination shall be based on problem solving questions, analytical questions, and case studies or any other formats as demanded by a course. The duration of the examination shall be 3 hours for each course.

External examinations shall be conducted as presented in the following table:

External Evaluation: 60 Marks
Evaluation Components Number of Questions and Choice Weight in %
Case Analysis, Situation Analysis or Extended Problem Analysis as suitable to the course Two Compulsory Questions 50
Problem Solving, Critical Analysis Oriented questions Three Analytical Questions with one choice. (Two questions of 15 marks each to be solved by students) 30
Concept Oriented Short Answer Questions Six Short Answer Questions with Two Choice Questions (Four Questions of 5 mars to be solved by students) 20

Intake Capacity:

50 Students per section

Syllabus / Curriculum:

To view Syllabus of MBS all Semester  click here to download