Chairman’s Message

We are extremely delighted to announce that KMC is dedicated and committed to disseminating affordable and qualitative teaching learning platform through updated educational practices in IT, Management & Humanities & Social Sciences. As KMC is the oldest public campus of Kabhrepalanchok district, it has emphasized the need of public participation.

The campus has especially awarded different scholarships to the deserving as well as disadvantaged students from marginalised areas. Similarly it has been a true destination for the students pursuing higher education from Kabhrepalanchowk and surrounding districts who want to develop an expertise. Since it is the age of technology the campus has prioritized technical subjects such as computer science, engineering and information technology as well as other subjects that meet market requirements. We would like to extend our thankfulness to our well wishers and also urge students and parents to join hands together in KMC’s endeavors to produce capable human resource. Thank you !!

– Lambodar Kayastha, Chairperson

Fouriers modell einer solchen gemeinschaft, in der alle mitglieder zum Diese Web-Seite durchsuchen gemeinschaftlichen bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen nutzen beitragen, ist unter dem namen phalanx bekannt geworden.