BCA – 8 Semester


The global arena has largely been extended on the part of information, communication and technology today. Specialization and specification in the respective discipline is the essence for the individual to meet the competent global market. In this turn, a step forward KMC has started BCA (Bachelor in Arts in Computer Application) to produce the Computer Application Experts and Developers. 

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) at the faculty of Humanities & Social Science of Tribhuvan University is to produce high quality computer application users and developers. The program of study for BCA is over a period of eight semester (four academic year). The academic year begins in the February of each year. Instruction and examination language shall be English in BCA. 


Rectification in eligibility for the admission in Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is: PCL or + 2 or equivalent in any discipline passed with minimum 40% marks or 2.00 GPA or “C” grade in all the subjects of 11 and 12 in SEE.

Course Structure:

Courses Credit Hours
Computer Application (Core Courses) 71 (4*2+ 3*21)
Elective Courses 12 (3+3+3+3)
Mathematics and Statistics Courses 9 ( 3+3+3)
Language Courses 6 (3+3)
Social Sciences and Management Courses 15 (3+3+3+3+3)
Project & Internships 13 (2+2+6+3)

Subjects offered:

Admission Details:

  1. Applicant is required to complete the entrance exam application form with photocopy of Transcript and Character Certificates of +2 Level and PP Sized photograph. (Entrance Exam will be take by T.U., so it is compulsory to passed the exam for enrollment)
  2. After completing entrance exam, applicant is required to complete Admission Application Form with following documents:
    1. 2 Copies of PP Sized Photograph
    2. SEE Grade-Sheet
    3. SEE Character Certificate
    4. +2 Transcript
    5. +2 Provisional Certificate
    6. +2 Character Certificate
    7. +2 Migration Certificate
    8. Citizenship Certificate (If available)

Intake Capacity:

30 Students per shift

Syllabus / Curriculum:

To view Syllabus of BCA click here to download
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