Terms and Condition for Online Classes


All the concerned participants in the online classes are requested to follow the terms and conditions provided below:

  1. Online classes should be taken in the respective time and period.
  2. As of a record, the screenshot of the class along with the attendance of the students should be submitted via mail.
  3. While taking online class, the students should be put in the mute mode and can be unmuted only in the discussion session.
  4. Students should click the raise hand button if they have any queries regarding their subject and content.
  5. If the classes are disrupted due to any technical problems, the due classes can be taken at any time convenient to both teachers and students.
  6. The classes should be taken until the time allocated in the routine.
  7. Students are strictly restricted to chat on unnecessary issues, share links or discuss on personal subjects.
  8. The teachers should provoke the students to participate in the online class and if the number of students are very less in the class, the teacher should inform the campus about the attendance of the students.
  9. Any changes to be made in the online system if necessary will be introduced later by the campus.



-K.G. Baidar, Campus Chief