Campus Chief’s Message

It is a matter of pleasure and contentment that Kabhre Multiple Campus (KMC), which was established with a vision and a mission, has made steady progress during the last 37 years. KMC continues to be one of the top-ranking public campuses in Kabhrepalanchowk and its surrounding districts. Its achievements are reflected in various ongoing academic schools namely, Management, IT Education and Humanities and Social Sciences.

In fact, we are in the age of information and communication. Technology has brought the entire world into our room. Keeping this in mind KMC has started introducing technical disciplines in the recent years. In all the schools at KMC information, communication and technology is emphasized. For instance, in School of Management, we have Computer Science; in School of IT & Education we have BICTE and Computer Engineering in +2 and Mass Communication in Humanities and Social Sciences. BCA, B.Sc. CSIT and M.Ed. programs are the forthcoming programs in near future.

As per our slogan we work for developing an expertise. Our primary focus is on producing the entrepreneurs and secondarily employees. Because of our dedication, devotion and discipline to quality education a good number of students graduating from KMC have run many enterprises and many others are top ranking employees throughout the country and abroad.

The academic activities of KMC are not confined only within the country. The college always welcomes and participates in the analysis and researches of global disciplines. KMC has made a plan to extend its horizon to the colleges and universities of the world. Yet the matter of immense delight is that KMC is very near in the process of University Grants Commission (UGC)’s accreditation with quality assurance mark known as (Quality Assurance and Accreditation) QAA. KMC welcomes SEE, +2 and Bachelor’s graduates in its different schools ranging from +2 to Masters Programs in respective disciplines.

The commencement of Semester in BICTE, MA and MBS has enriched the campus with much challenges and responsibilities. We would like to welcome new graduates of the aforementioned
disciplines to become the members of KMC family and benefit from the programs and other facilities such as dedicated and experienced faculties, well equipped labs, Research Management Cell (RMC), well stocked library with journals, study reports and audio visual aids designed to help students build and promote their careers in respective disciplines.
We would like to acknowledge the contributions of different stakeholders. We are extremely grateful towards the well wishers, supporters, donors, advisors, and board members for contributing their precious efforts to develop the campus and also hope the continuation of the
same spirit in the days to come. We would like to assure you that KMC spares no pains in making the newcomers, stay in, and associate with the college as comfortable, enjoyable, fruitful and rewarding as possible for career and expertise foundation.

– K.G. Baidar, Campus Chief

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