Mar 21, 2023 Financial Literacy
24 Feb 2023_42nd Campus Anniversay
21 Oct 2022_MA Fourth Sem Thesis Wrting Orientation
12 Oct 2022_Orientation on Mental Health
16 Sep 2022_Awareness Program on Suicide Prevention
8th Sep 2022_ Quiz Contest on Economics
5th Sep 2022_Orientation/Interaction Program agains Human Trafficking
22 Aug 2022_Orientation for MBS Fourth Semester
17 Aug 2022_ Cleanliness Program by BSW & BA Sociology students
19 July 2022_Farewell program of Administrative office (Mr. Bhuwan Kaji Manandhar)
15 Jul 2022_Research Report Handover of Survey Analysis of Women Entreprenuership: Status, Problems & Prospects of Banepa Municipality
28th June-2nd July 2022_Workshop on Research Data Analysis using SPSS Software
26 Apr 2022_Welcome and Best Wishes Function
18-19 Jun 2022_First National Conference on Sociology for Business & Entreprenuership Development
12 Mar. 2022_Third Campus Assembly
19 Nov 2021_Feasibility Study of BSW at KMC
BICTE 2078_Orientation Program
Workshop on Case Analysis
11,15 June 2020 Webinar
20 May 2019_Seminar on Lesson Plan and Session Plan
18 May 2018_Signing of Documents during PRT visit of QAA by delegates
38th Anniversary of KMC
35th Anniversary of KMC
Campus Images