BICTE (Bachelor in Information & Communication Technology Education)


The global arena has largely been extended on the part of information, communication and technology today. Specialization and specification in the respective discipline is the essence for the individual to meet the competent global market. In this turn, a step forward KMC has started BICTE (Bachelor in Information Communication and Technology Education) to produce the IT experts and IT professional. The globally recognized course like BICTE in KMC at an affordable price is a great advantage to the disadvantaged, unprivileged and to  the students of all social status. KMC deserves quality education with adequate provision of best library,  sound classrooms, expert teachers and best quality electronic devices.

Recently the campus has managed advance hardware and digital lab to equip the students with the modern technology. The job security in the field of IT is almost certain. BICTE is an innovative discipline in the field of IT through which we assure that the job placement is secure for those deserving candidate. We are glad to announce that competent and expert student after the completion of BICTE will definitely get job opportunity in many different multinational companies.

Excellent Features:

We assure that the provision of excellent features at KMC regarding BICTE evidently is a marvelous campaign for the aspirant achievers to be a perfect expert in IT. KMC embodies the following features in imparting the knowledge at best.

  • Multimedia Class
  • Practical Courses
  • Globally Recognized Courses
  • Advanced and Latest IT Courses
  • Internship at various Software & Telecommunication Company
  • Equivalent with B.E. (Computer), B.Ed. CSIT, B.Sc. (CSIT), BCA, BIT.


Rectification in eligibility for the admission in Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is: PCL or + 2 or equivalent in any discipline passed 2.00 GPA or minimum “D+” grade in all the subjects of 11 and 12 in SEE.

 Subjects offered:

Semester I
18 Credits
Semester II
18    Credits
1.      English Language I
2.      Nepali Language I
3.      Fundamental of Education
4.       Specialization Major: I, II,
Introduction of Information Technology -I
Programming Concept with C -II
5.       Specialization Minor: I
6.       English Language II
7.       Nepali Language II
8.       Social Perspective in Education
9.       Specialization Major: III, IV
Object Oriented Programming with C++ -III
Digital Logic-IV
10.   Specialization Minor: II
Semester III
18 credits
Semester IV
18 Credits
11.   Developmental Psychology
12.   Specialization Major: V, VI, VII
Data Structure and Algorithm-V
Microprocessor & Computer Organization-VI
Web Technology-VII
13.   Specialization Minor: III
14.   ICT in Education
15.   Psychology of Learning
16.   Specialization Major: VIII, IX, X
Operating System-VIII
Database Management System-IX
System Analysis and Design-X
17.   Specialization Minor: IV, V
Semester V
15 Credits
Semester VI
15 Credits
18.   Basic of Curriculum
19.   Specialization Major: XI, XII, XIII
Java Programming Language-XI
Data Communication and Networks -XII
Software Engineering and Project Mangement-XIII
20.   Specialization Minor: VI
21.   Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
22.   Specialization Major:  XIV, XV, VI
Visual Programming -XIV
Computer Graphics-XV
E-Learning & ICT Educational Pedagogy -VI
23.   Specialization Minor: VII
Semester VII
15 credits
Semester VIII
15 credits
24.   Pedagogy and Inclusive Education
25.   Specialization Major: XVII, XVIII
Network Security-XVIII
Artificial Intelligence in Education -XVIII
26.   Specialization Minor: VIII, IX
27.   Basic Statics and Research in Education
28.   Specialization Major:  XIX, XX
Technology in Education-XX
Educational  Project -XX
29.   Specialization Minor: X
30.   Elective paper
Network Administration
Semester XI   Teaching Internship
6 Credits


Admission Details:

  1. Applicant is required to complete the entrance exam application form with photocopy of Transcript and Character Certificates of +2 Level and PP Sized photograph. (Entrance Exam will be take by T.U., so it is compulsory to passed the exam for enrollment)
  2. After completing entrance exam, applicant is required to complete Admission Application Form with following documents:
    1. 2 Copies of PP Sized Photograph
    2. SEE Grade-Sheet
    3. SEE Character Certificate
    4. +2 Transcript
    5. +2 Provisional Certificate
    6. +2 Character Certificate
    7. +2 Migration Certificate
    8. Citizenship Certificate (If available)

Intake Capacity:

30 Students per shift

Syllabus / Curriculum:

To view Syllabus of BICTE 1st Semester  click here to download

To view Syllabus of BICTE 2nd Semester  click here to download

To view Syllabus of BICTE 3rd Semester  click here to download

To view Syllabus of BICTE 4th Semester  click here to download

To view Syllabus of BICTE 5th Semester  click here to download

To view Syllabus of BICTE 6th Semester  click here to download