Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a course designed by Tribhuvan University to enhance students’ conceptual and theoretical understanding and methodological sills of respective subjects. On completion of this course, students possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills of recognized standard with which they can pursue their career in multitude of profession such as teaching, journalism, consultancy, social work activism, NGO, INGO and Government Organization services. Moreover, the completion of the course forms the foundation which enables them to pursue higher study, namely, Masters Degree in any university of the world.


Must have completed the intermediate, Proficiency Certificate or 10+2 level, in Humanities or Science or Management Stream from Tribhuvan University or from any other University or Board recognized by Tribhuvan University.

Students desirous of studying Major English/Economics in the BA Program may do so, but are required to pass the Major English Subject within three years at +2 or PCL recognized by TU if they have not already studied this course at +2 or PCL Level

Students who have studied any other subject at +2 or PCL level can apply for admission to Major subjects like Rural Development, Social Work and Sociology in the BA Program.

Students desirous of studying Journalism and Mass Communication as a Major subject in BA program must have studied Journalism/Mass Communication at +2 or PCL can apply for Journalism subject.

 Subjects offered:

Changed From 2073-074 Batch
3BA 1st year
S.N. Subjects Code
1 Com. English Ceng 201
2 Com. Nepali Cnep 301
3.a Introduction to Sociology TH So 401
3.b Introduction to Sociology PR So 401
4 Political Theory (Political Science) PS 311
Selective : A
5.a Rural Development Theories and Approaches TH RD 311
5.b Rural Development Theories and Approaches PR RD 311
6 Micro Economics Eco 311
7 Introduction to Population Studies Pops 311
8.a Intro. Journalism & Mass Communication TH Jmc 311
8.b Intro. Journalism & Mass Communication PR Jmc 311
Selective : B
9 Western Intell, Tradi, Literary (M. Eng) Eng 311
10 Adhunik Nepali Aakhyan ra Natak (M. Nep) Nep 311
3BA 2nd year
S.N. Subjects Code
1 Com. English Ceng 202
2.2.a Dynamics of Nepali Society TH So 402
2.2.b Dynamics of Nepali Society PR So 402
2.1.a Sociological Theories TH So 403
2.1.b Sociological Theories PR So 403
3.a Political Thought PS 312
3.b Maj. Pol. Sys-Parliament & Non-Parliament PS 313
Selective : A
4.1.a Rural Economy TH RD 312
4.1.b Rural Economy PR RD 312
4.2.a Rural Resources, Environment and Management TH RD 313
4.2.b Rural Resources, Environment and Management PR RD 313
5.a Math. & Statics for Economics Eco 312
5.b Macro Economics Eco 313
6.a Quantitative Techniques Pops 312
6.b Population Studies Pops 313
7.1.a Media Research TH Jmc 312
7.1.b Media Research PR Jmc 312
7.2.a History, Law & Mgmt of Media TH Jmc 313
7.2.b History, Law & Mgmt of Media PR Jmc 313
Selective : B
8.a Prose Essay & Short Stories Eng 312
8.b Drama & Film Eng 313
9.a Adhunik Nepali Kabita ra Kabya Nep 312
9.b Nep. Lok, Purba Adhu. Sahitya & Adhu. Nibabdha Nep 313
3BA 3rd year
S.N. Subjects Code
1.1.a Research Methods in Sociology TH So 404
1.1.b Research Methods in Sociology PR So 404
1.2.a Sociology of Democracy, Diversity and Inequality TH So 405
1.2.b Sociology of Democracy, Diversity and Inequality PR So 405
2.a Int Stu. Intro. Relations & Intro. Law PS 314
2.b Adm Studies Th. of Adm & Adm of Nep PS 315
Selective : A
3.1.a Rural Sociology TH RD 314
3.1.b Rural Sociology PR RD 314
3.2.a Government, Institutions and Local Governance TH RD 315
3.2.b Government, Institutions and Local Governance PR RD 315
4.a Public Financial Sys. & Int. Trade Eco 314
4.b Dev. Eco & Nep. Eco. Eco 315
5.a Population of Nepal Pops 314
5.b Population, Environment & Quality of Life Pops 315
6.a.1 Public Relation & Adv. & Media Issues TH Jmc 314
6.a.2 Public Relation & Adv. & Media Issues PR Jmc 314
6.b.1 Photography & Adv. Journalism TH Jmc 315
6.b.2 Photography & Adv. Journalism PR Jmc 315
Selective : B
7.a Poetry Eng 314
7.b Critical Thinking, Practical Critisize Eng 315
8.a Sahitya Siddhanta Nep. Sam. Tatha Sodh. Nep 314
8.b Bhasabigyan ra Nepali Bhasa Nep 315
Selective : C
9.a Nepali Patrakarita TH (50) Nep 316
9.b Nepali Patrakarita PR (50) Nep 316
10.a Sociology of Development TH So 406
10.b Sociology of Development PR So 406
11.a Rural Development Practices TH RD 316
11.b Rural Development Practices PR RD 316

Admission Details:

Applicant is required to complete the entrance exam application form with photocopy of Transcript and Character Certificates of +2 Level and PP Sized photograph.

After completing entrance exam, applicant is required to complete Admission Application Form with following documents:

2 Copies of PP Sized Photograph

SEE Grade-Sheet

SEE Character Certificate

+2 Transcript

+2 Provisional Certificate

+2 Character Certificate

+2 Migration Certificate

Citizenship Certificate (If available)

Intake Capacity:

100 Students

Syllabus / Curriculum:

To view Syllabus of BA Sociology All Year (Upgrade from 2073/74 Batch) click here to download

To view Syllabus of BA Rural Development All Year (Upgrade from 2073/74 Batch) click here to download