KMC Organized Its Fifth Campus Assembly

Kabhre Multiple Campus has organized its fifth Campus assembly on Saturday, Magh 6, 2080. In the inauguration session chaired by Mr. Lambodar Kayastha, chairperson of the campus Management Committee, Mr. Bahadur Singh lama, Honorable Financial Affair and Plan Minister of Bagmati Province was the chief guest and Mr. Kanchan Chandra Bade, Parliament member of Bagmati Province and Mr. Shanti Ratna Shakya, Mayor of Banepa Municipality were the special guests and the members of Campus Management Committee and other dignities were the guests. In the session, the welcome speech was given by Mr. KG Bardar, the chief of the Campus who elaborated on the academic aspects of the Campus and illuminated extensively on various challenges and opportunities of the Campus. Mr. KG Baidar emphasized on the essence of the approval for the commencement of new programs like BBA, BSc. CSIT and other programs. In the welcome speech, Mr. Jujubhai Manandhar, Campus chief of Chaitanya Multiple Campus, expressed the financial challenges of public campuses and the need of aids from the government. In the speech, Mr. Shanti Ratna Shakya expressed his commitment to academic growth and the overall development of the campus from the side of Banepa Municipality. In the program, he declared the aid from municipality to construct the covered hall on the campus. Special Guest Mr. Kanchan Chandra Bade discussed the essence of education in the development process and the need of plan and priority from the province level and local level for Kabhre Multiple Campus and public campuses of the province. Honorable Financial Affair and Plan Minister, Bahadur Singh Lama emphasized his idea on the essence of all kinds of investment in education and the determination for the growth of academic institutions. He also expressed his commitment for the development of the Campus and also declared his commitment to prepare a plan for the development of the Campus.

In the closed session, chaired by Lambodar Kayastha, Chairperson of the Campus Management Committee, Mr. KG Baidar presented the annual report, audit report, annual program, and estimated income and expenditure details for the approval in the Campus Assembly. The presentations were successfully approved by the Assembly towards the end of the session.