Feasibility Study for B.Ed. Science at KMC

The Office of the Dean, Faculty of Education, T.U. has carried out the feasibility study of the campus for the commencement of B.Ed. Science program on Monday, 27th Mangsir 2078. The delegates from the Office of the Dean, Mr. Ganesh Prasad Khanal , Reader, Control Department of Education, Mr. Bishnu Kumar Dahal, Reader, Mahendra Ratna Campus, and Ms. Anna Laxmi Maharjan, Office of the Dean have observed different development aspects and achievements of the campus to launch the program. On the occasion, the delegates observed the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics lab along with the library, e-library, infrastructure, and other essential aspects of the campus. Meanwhile, a brief interaction function was also organized with the teachers and staff to acknowledge the overall strengths and access of the campus to launch the program.