Awareness Program on Suicide Prevention conducted at KMC

Environment and Social Safeguard Desk of Kabhre Multiple Campus has conducted an awareness program on behalf of World Suicide Prevention Day on Friday Bhadra 31, 2079. The program was chaired by Ms. Krishna Pyari Nakarmi, Head, Environment and Social Safeguard Desk of Kabhre Multiple Campus. In the program, Mr. Chakra Raj Joshi, SP, District Police Officer was the chief guest, Lambodar Kayastha, Head, Kabhre Multiple Campus Management Committee was the special guest and Ms. Nirmala Kafle, Tarangini Foundation, was the social counselor. The welcome speech along with the demonstration on suicide issues from a sociological perspective was presented by Mr. Hari Krishna Bakhunchhe, lecturer of the campus while SP, Mr. Chakra Raj Joshi, District Police Officer of Kabhre district delivered his speech on suicidal cases in Kabhre district along with the presentation of data, ways of prevention & the condition of suicidal cases. Similarly, Mr. K.G. Baidar, chief of Kabhre Multiple Campus delivered a speech on various aspects of suicide cases. In the program 107 participants were present.

16 Sep 2022_Awareness Program on Suicide Prevention