Interaction Program on Corruption Mitigation conducted at KMC

Kabhre Multiple Campus conducted an interaction program on Corruption Mitigation on Wednesday, Shrawan 24, 2080 in the conference hall of the campus. In the program, the chairperson was Mr. K.G Baidar, chief of the campus, the chief guest, and the key speaker was Mr. Bharat Jangam, national anti-corruption activist and the guest were Mr. Padam Dahal and Jyoti Jangam. In the interaction program, Mr. Bharat Jangam highlighted the various aspects of corruption and the ways and steps of mitigation. He delivered his provocative speech to encourage the students to creatively fight against corruption and also take part in the anti-corruption campaign. The campus chief, Mr. K.G. Baidar spoke on the various aspects of corruption and its aftermath in the context of Nepali Students of bachelor level took part in the program.