MOU of Kabhre Multiple Campus and Tejganga Multiple Campus

A MOU between Mr. K.G. Baidar, the campus chief of Kabhre Multiple Campus of Banepa Municipality Ward No. 6 and Dr. Ambubhawani Karki, the campus chief of Tejganga Multiple Campus of Panauti Municipality Ward No. 8, has been made with the agreement to share and assist each other regarding different academic, administrative and other social subjects of both the campuses like to send the lecturers of the respective campus at least twice a year from one campus to another as a guest lecturer, to share the external observer between the campus for VIVA of report writing for practical subjects, to conduct different sport activities to the students of both the campuses as per the possibility, to conduct joint research study on any subject in the co-ordination of both the campuses, to invite each other on the authentic programs of the academic and professional development of both the campuses on its own or in the assistance of other organizations, to share on the issues of account management, library management, examination conduction management under administrative management to modernize and make it technology friendly, etc. Both the campus are public campus and the MOU has been made on Tuesday Poush 01, 2076.


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