+2 Management


Plus two in management course is designed to develop a strong foundation on management studies. Students learn to become competent, confident and academically sound in their area of study and will therefore have the benefit of deciding, at the end of course, what aspects of business management studies would interest them at under graduate programs. The faculty offers courses designed to deliver both theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management.

The objective of this program is to impart fundamental knowledge in basic areas of management so that it forms a stepping stone for higher level of management study. In this level, students will be introduced to the concepts, subject matter and elementary skills in various functional areas of management like general management, accountancy, finance, office practices and marketing. The students passing this level will be capable of undertaking various junior level management activities.


Students will to enroll in grade 11 and study following subjects (Mathematics/Accountancy/Economics/Computer Science/Teaching Mathematics/Elements of Finance/Jyotish/Business Mathematics/Cooperative Management, Business Studies/Geography/Psychology)

Must Score

  • GPA: 2.0
  • Minimum ‘C’  grade in Mathematics subject
  • Minimum ‘D+’ in English, Nepali and Social subjects

Subjects offered:

S.N. Class 11 Class 12
1 Com. English Com. English
2 Com. Nepali Accountancy
3 Accountancy Economics
4 Economics Business Studies
5 Business Studies Business Mathematics / Marketing

Admission Details:

  1. Applicant is required to complete the entrance exam application form with photocopy of SEE Grade-sheet and PP Sized photograph.
  2. Applicant requires to passed the entrance exam conduct by exam committee of KMC.
  3. After completing entrance exam, applicant is required to complete Admission Application Form with following documents:
    1. SEE Grade-Sheet
    2. SEE Character Certificate
    3. 2 Copies of PP Sized Photograph
    4. Migration Certificate (Except Nepal Board)

Intake Capacity:

80 Students per shift

Syllabus / Curriculum:

To view Syllabus of Class 11 – click here to download

To view Syllabus of Class 12 – click here to download

  • BBS (Bachelor in Business Studies) - 4 Years
  • BA (Bachelor in Arts) - 3 Years
  • BICTE (Bachelor in Information & Communication Technology Education) - 9 Semester
  • 10+2 (Management, Humanities & Education)
  • MBS (Master in Business Studies) - 4 Semester
  • MA (Master in Arts) - Sociology - 4 Semester